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RACZ Caudal Neurolysis – Neural Flossing – Adhesiolysis

Scarring along the spine can result from surgery, inflammation or simply from aging. Scar tissue buildup in the epidural space compresses nerve roots, which can cause non-stop back, leg and arm pain. Scarring can even prevent medicine injected into the epidural space from getting to the nerves, making epidurals ineffective. Caliber Pain™ uses RACZ caudal neurolysis (neural flossing or adhesiolysis) as a treatment for nerve root pain at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

RACZ caudal neurolysis is a non-surgical injection treatment for managing lower back pain and leg pain frequently caused by scarring from a previous back surgery. RACZ is done to break up scar tissue that has built up in the epidural space. The scar tissue may be preventing normal nerve root movement and decompressing high-pressure epidural veins. Throughout the procedure, imaging (neural mapping) will be used to pinpoint the scarring and to observe its resolution.

This minimally-invasive procedure treats pain by blocking activity of the nerves in the damaged areas, breaking up the scar tissue and reducing fluid accumulation, inflammation and infection.
You may benefit from this procedure if you suffer from:

  • Spinal surgery syndrome (or failed back surgery)
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Lumbar and cervical pain
  • Leg pain

“Neural Mapping” and RACZ

Since MRI imaging does not reliably diagnose all epidural scarring, our doctors employ live x-ray fluoroscopy to accurately map out scar tissue around the spinal cord and nerves. Under sterile conditions, guided by x-ray fluoroscopy, a special type of epidural needle is inserted into the spinal column. A contrast dye is injected through the needle so that the scar tissue shows up on a live fluoroscopy x-ray. The catheter is repositioned multiple times to provide your doctor with a clear picture of the scarring. Medication to reduce inflammation and break up scar tissue can then be accurately administered.

To learn more about RADZ caudal neurolysis injections and other treatments we offer for chronic pain at Caliber Pain™, contact our medical facility in New York City.

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