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Pain management has changed drastically in the last decade. More pain physicians and specialists are offering interventional pain treatments that are geared to stopping pain at the source. With the opioid crisis and more focus on relieving chronic pain without narcotics, interventional pain treatments offer a more effective and safer option for long-term chronic pain management. Here are six benefits of using interventional pain treatments.

  1. Stop Pain at the Source
    Interventional pain treatments target the source of pain to offer relief. Instead of taking oral medications that impact the entire body and brain, interventional pain treatments use injections or targeted therapies to impact or interrupt the source of pain.
  2. Reduced Use of Opioids
    Opioids are effective for relieving pain, but they are also very addictive and dangerous. With the use of interventional pain treatments, patients can use fewer opioid-based medications or completely stop using opioids altogether. This can help patients avoid addiction and reduce risk of opioid health issues or death.
  3. Quick Pain Relief
    Many interventional pain treatments can offer fast and effective pain relief for chronic conditions. Some injections provide immediate pain relief or within a few days of the treatment.
  4. Long-Lasting Pain Management
    Narcotic pain relievers only last for a few hours, but interventional pain treatments can offer relief for months or longer. A corticosteroid injection can reduce inflammation and pain for months, while treatments like spinal cord stimulation may offer pain relief for years.
  5. Minimally or Non-Invasive Procedures
    Most interventional pain treatments are performed through injections or needles, requiring only an outpatient procedure. Interventional pain treatments can replace or delay more invasive, high-risk options like joint replacement surgery.
  6. Safer with Few Side Effects
    Most interventional pain treatments are much safer and have fewer possible side effects than narcotics or invasive procedures, like surgery. Many people are able to use interventional pain treatment for years to control chronic pain without suffering from negative side effects or health issues.

Interventional Pain Specialists in Midtown Manhattan

If you suffer from chronic pain and want to explore interventional pain management, come visit us at Caliber Pain™ in Midtown Manhattan. We offer innovative and effective interventional pain treatments like nerve blocks, steroid injections, nerve ablation and spinal cord stimulation at our state-of-the-art medical facility. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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