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Ulnar Neuropathy Treatment

The ulnar nerve is one of the large nerves that travel from the spinal cord in the neck through the shoulder, elbow and then down to the outside fingers in the hand. When this nerve is damaged, it can cause pain and affect the function of the forearm and hand. Ulnar neuropathy is one of the most common nerve injury conditions, only surpassed by carpal tunnel syndrome. At Caliber Pain™, we offer interventional ulnar neuropathy treatment at our facility in Midtown Manhattan.

If you have ever hit your “funny bone,” you have experienced a jolt from your ulnar nerve. Unlike most major nerves, the ulnar nerve is not protected by a “tunnel” of ligaments, bone or tendons. At specific points on the outside of the elbow, the ulnar nerve only has skin as protection. Since it is exposed, the ulnar nerve is susceptible to pressure, impact and damage that can cause ulnar neuropathy. Leaning on the elbow, blunt impact, fractures and inflammation can all cause ulnar nerve damage, or ulnar neuropathy.

Symptoms of Ulnar Nerve Damage

The ulnar nerve can be damaged slowly over time or suddenly from trauma. Symptoms may be mild at first and continue to worsen over time. Common symptoms of ulnar neuropathy include:

  • Numbness or the loss of sensation in your pinky and ring finger
  • Tingling, burning or pain in your hand (especially the outside fingers)
  • Hand weakness, especially when gripping
  • Loss of finger coordination

Our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ are experts in neuralgia and nerve pain conditions. We can diagnose ulnar neuropathy and offer effective ulnar neuropathy treatment to relieve pain and improve hand function. Treatment may include physical therapy, corticosteroid injections, braces/splints and other therapy options. We focus on non-invasive options to reduce pain and improve function. Contact us at our clinic in NYC to schedule an evaluation if you are experiencing symptoms of ulnar neuropathy.

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