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Treatment for Chronic Pain Conditions

Unlike acute pain, which is temporary and usually the result of an injury, chronic pain conditions can be a perception of the brain, which is why chronic pain is so difficult to treat and control. For instance, amputees often report pain from a limb that is no longer there. The limb may have been amputated, but the nerves for that limb can still send pain signals to the brain.

Opioids and narcotics may be useful for managing some types of acute pain, but they can be dangerous and ineffective for managing chronic pain. At Caliber Pain™, we focus on opioid-free pain management options using interventional and regenerative medicine, acupuncture, spinal cord stimulation and many other cutting-edge treatments for chronic pain conditions.

Chronic pain conditions are complex, often without a cure. This crippling and debilitating condition can last for several months or many years. At Caliber Pain™, we help our patients find the best treatments for chronic pain conditions in order to restore a quality of life. We offer innovative and advanced treatments at our state-of-the-art medical facility in Midtown Manhattan.

Types of Chronic Pain Disorders

There are many sources of chronic pain, from spinal injuries and degenerative disease to nerve damage and autoimmune disorders. The common, underlying pathology for all of these conditions is a nervous system that sends pain signals to the brain. An effective way to control pain from damaged nerves is to interrupt the nerve signals or relieve nerve irritation. This is a highly effective approach to pain control and relief, without the use of opioids or narcotic pain medications. We offer treatment for many types of chronic pain conditions, including:

If you are living with a chronic pain condition that is impacting your quality of life, call us, we can help. If you are seeking an opioid-free pain management solution, call our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ in New York City, we can help.

Contact our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ in New York City, to schedule an evaluation and consultation.

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