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NYC Precision Guided Injections

Injection therapy is a key component of our interventional and regenerative medicine treatments at Caliber Pain™ in NYC. Precision guided injections can deliver medication or regenerative treatments directly to the source of pain or injury, whether it is an aggravated nerve or damaged spinal disc. Our injection specialists can provide minimally or non-invasive injection treatments at our clinic in Manhattan, with little or no downtime required after therapy.

Precision and accuracy are key when using injection therapy. Often, the source of pain or dysfunction is a tiny cluster of nerves or a specific injury to a muscle or ligament. Image-guided injections, performed by an interventional specialist, can ensure the needle reaches the exact spot desired with pinpoint accuracy. It is important to deliver the medication, but it is also vital to avoid damage to other tissues or nerves in the area. At Caliber Pain™ in NYC, we utilize cutting-edge medical technology and imaging to perform our guided injections to achieve the best results for our patients.

Interventional and Regenerative Injection Treatments

Injection therapy is a preferable method of treatment, delivering medication or regenerative substances directly to the area needed. From migraine headaches and muscle pain to deteriorating joints and back problems, precision guided injection treatments can offer pain relief and healing options. Our image-guided injection doctors can perform a wide variety of injection therapies at our state-of-the-art medical facility in Manhattan, including:

Are you interested in injection therapy? If you have chronic pain and want to explore conservative or non-invasive treatment options, come see our interventional and regenerative medicine specialists at Caliber Pain™ in UES New York City. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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