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Knee Pain Treatment

Knee joints are unique in design, allowing you to pivot, climb, kick or kneel. The knee twists and bends to allow fluid movement. Ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscle, and bone in the knee experience constant wear and tear during normal daily movement. Many athletes put an extraordinary amount of strain on their knees. There are multiple components within the knee joint that can be damaged, cause pain and limit mobility. Severe pain and limited mobility can result when a ligament is torn or degenerative disease causes inflammation in the knee.

The knee is one of the most common areas to be treated for painful injuries or disease. Our interventional pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ offer a multidisciplinary approach to knee pain treatment at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan. Finding the right combination of treatments for knee pain can keep your joints healthy and mobile, and improve your quality of life.

Common Knee Pain Disorders

Common signs of injury to the knee or degenerative joint disease are swelling, popping or pain. Further deterioration and injury are almost certain if these symptoms are ignored. The pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ can offer you a same-day diagnosis and interventional treatment for knee pain, to give you immediate relief while a more comprehensive treatment plan is prepared. We offer interventional pain treatments, regenerative medicine therapy, acupuncture and many other treatment modalities to combat acute and chronic knee pain. Some of the knee pain injury and disorders we treat include:

If you are suffering from knee pain, come to Caliber Pain™ for an accurate diagnosis and advanced treatments for pain relief. Our advanced medical facility in New York City offers cutting-edge treatments for knee pain and joint injuries. Contact us to schedule your appointment with one of our knee pain experts.

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