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Adipose Tissue Stem Cell Injections

Stem cells are unique in that they can develop into any type of cell, such as cells that help repair damaged tissue. When injected into an arthritic joint, stem cells may encourage damaged cartilage to regrow and heal. Injections of stem cells also reduce inflammation. The exact way stems cells work is still being researched, but some people find that an injection of stem cells relieves pain and swelling and may help speed up recovery. Caliber Pain™ offers adipose tissue stem cell injections for pain management and healing at our clinic in NYC.

Stem cells are harvested from your body, typically from bone marrow in your pelvic bone or from adipose tissue (fat). Adipose tissue-derived stem cells, or ADSCs, can self-renew and have the potential to transform into many different types of tissue. When injected into arthritic joints or areas with torn or weakened tendons, ADSCs may help repair damaged tissue, reduce inflammation and slow down degenerative disease. Adipose tissue stem cell injections can be a minimally-invasive, effective regenerative treatment for arthritis, rotator cuff tears and joint damage to reduce pain and improve mobility.

ADSC Injections – What to Expect

The harvest site is thoroughly numbed before the stem cells are extracted. The stem cells are separated from blood and other substances in the extracted fat tissue and injected directly into the injured joint or tissue.

Stem cell therapy does not provide immediate results. Their regenerative effect may help damaged tissues to heal in time. Most people experience improved function and relief from pain after two to six weeks.

If you have damaged joints or tissues, stem cell therapy can be a beneficial part of your treatment plan for recovery or pain management. Caliber Pain™ offers advanced options in regenerative medicine, including adipose tissue stem cell injections. Contact the medical team at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan to schedule a consultation to learn more about stem cell therapy.

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