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Ganglion Cyst Treatment

A ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled lump that is common on the wrist or may appear on finger joints. While ganglion cysts are not painful on their own, they can become a nuisance. When ganglion cysts grow larger, they can press on nerves or create an unattractive appearance. Some ganglion cysts can result in pain or functional issues, requiring treatment. Caliber Pain™ can provide effective ganglion cyst treatment for relief at our clinic in Manhattan.

Ganglion cysts are most common on the top of the wrist joint. They can also appear at the base joint on the fingers, under the wrist or on the top finger joints. With a ganglion cyst, a firm or soft lump can appear suddenly or grow over time on the wrist joint. The lump may move slightly but is attached to a stalk that connects to a tendon. In most cases, a ganglion cyst will not cause discomfort. However, there are those that can press on the median or ulnar nerves in the wrist, causing a dull pain, tingling and numbness. The cysts are usually less than an inch in diameter. While not large, some people are unhappy with the look or feel of these non-cancerous growths.

Removing Ganglion Cysts

Over time, more than half of ganglion cysts will disappear on their own. If ganglion cysts are not causing distress, they do not need to be removed and may eventually shrink. However, if the cyst is creating nerve compression, there are treatments available for removal. Using a splint or brace to restrict the affected joint can help reduce inflammation and irritation, resulting in shrinking of the cyst. Another non-invasive option is aspiration, which is removing the fluid from the ganglion cyst with a needle. While aspiration does not remove the entire cyst, combining a corticosteroid injection with aspiration can reduce the chance of recurrence. Surgical removal is only recommended when a ganglion cyst is causing pain or discomfort and conservative treatments are ineffective.

If you have an uncomfortable ganglion cyst on your wrist that you want removed, contact our team at Caliber Pain™ today. We offer non-invasive ganglion cyst treatment that can relieve discomfort at our clinic in UES New York City.

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