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Spinal Stenosis Treatment

The spinal cord and sympathetic nerve roots are protected by the spine. The bone, ligaments and tissues of the spinal column create a space to prevent injury to the nervous system. When this space narrows, due to changes in the bone, ligaments or tissues, it is called spinal stenosis. Nerve root compression or impingement can be caused by spinal stenosis, resulting in pain and other issues. Caliber Pain™ offers conservative and minimally-invasive spinal stenosis treatments at our facility in Midtown Manhattan.

Causes and Symptoms of Spinal Stenosis

There are multiple changes to the spine that can cause a narrowing of the spinal nerve space, or spinal stenosis. Osteoarthritis is often one of the factors. The inflammation in the spinal joints can trigger a healing response that can allow bone spurs to grow on the vertebrae, invading the nerve space. Ligaments can also thicken, reducing the nerve space. When nerve roots are compressed by spinal stenosis, symptoms can include:

  • Localized pain in the neck or back
  • Radiating pain, numbness, tingling or weakness into arms or legs
  • Incontinence or impaired bladder control
  • Cramping or muscle spasms

Spinal stenosis can be present without symptoms. Symptoms are related to the nerve compression or impingement, and it can affect muscles or organs related to the nerve roots under pressure.

Spinal stenosis treatment should start with conservative options to remove pressure on the nerve roots. This can include reducing inflammation using injection therapy with corticosteroids, physical therapy and other interventional options. In severe cases where conservative treatments are ineffective, surgery may be recommended to remove bone spurs to expand the spinal space and reduce nerve compression.

An estimated 200,000 cases of spinal stenosis are diagnosed each year in the US. If you are experiencing symptoms of spinal stenosis, contact our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™. Make an appointment at our clinic in New York City for diagnosis and spinal stenosis treatment.

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