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Digital X-Ray Imaging

Radiology, or x-rays, have been used for many decades to create static images of the solid structures inside the body. Radiation is used to form the images, but the use of digital x-ray imaging has reduced the amount of radiation needed to create clear, concise images. Our interventional pain physicians at Caliber Pain™ utilize multiple types of medical imaging for diagnostic and treatment purposes at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan, including digital x-ray imaging.

How Is Digital Radiography Performed?

External radiation produces invisible electromagnetic energy light beams (rays) that can pass through the body. This is what is used in x-rays to create images of internal structures. As the x-rays are directed at an area of the body, they pass through and are recorded on digital media. The denser a structure, the fewer x-rays that can pass through. This is what creates images. The denser structures, like bone or tumors, create lighter images while soft tissues like muscles and tendons are gray in color.

Digital x-ray imaging, or radiography, still uses radiation, but no longer uses film to capture the filtration of the light beams through the targeted body area. This requires less time and radiation, making the process safer and more effective than film x-rays. While the doses of radiation are low, it is not recommended that women who are pregnant receive x-rays. There are other imaging options, like ultrasounds, that can be used for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Our pain physicians at Caliber Pain™ utilize a wide variety of medical tools and technology to ensure patients receive the highest level of care and treatment for chronic pain or sports injuries. We offer fluoroscopy and ultrasound imaging on-site at our clinic in New York City and refer patients to one of our radiology specialists if a digital x-ray is needed for diagnosis. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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