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Runner with knee injury.

Meniscus Tears Treatment

The meniscus provides a cushion between the thigh and shin bones in the knees. This soft, rubbery material is situated between the femur and tibia bones, preventing bone friction and stabilizing the knee joints during movement. When an injury or wear causes tears in the meniscus, it can create swelling, pain and knee dysfunction. Caliber Pain™ offers effective meniscus tears treatment at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

Causes and Symptoms of Meniscus Tears

Anyone can sustain a meniscus tear from strain on the knee joint. It is common in athletes that put excessive force on the knee when twisting, squatting or running, especially if impact occurs on the knee. In sports injuries, it is common for a meniscus tear to accompany other injuries like knee sprains or ligament tears. Older individuals may experience a meniscus tear from performing normal knee movement, caused from the weakening or thinning of the meniscus.

Both sudden and degenerative meniscus tears will cause pain and functional issues. Symptoms include:

  • A popping sound or sensation when the meniscus tears
  • Stiffness and pain after the injury
  • Swelling
  • Instability – the knee may weak or unreliable
  • Reduced motion or popping when moving the knee

Conservative treatments are recommended to heal most minor meniscus tears. Rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications and elevation can allow the meniscus to heal. Injection therapy may be used to reduce inflammation or for regenerative medicine to aid in healing. Treatment depends on the type, location and severity of the meniscus tear and if any other knee joint damage occurred.

If you have severe knee pain or limited function, you may have a meniscus tear or other knee damage. Contact our team at Caliber Pain™ to undergo diagnostic testing to determine the damage to your knee and the best treatment plan. We offer interventional and regenerative medicine at our clinic in New York City.

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