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Piriformis Syndrome Treatment

The sciatic nerves travel through the pelvis from the lumbar spine to each of the legs. When the sciatic nerves are irritated or compressed, it can cause sciatica symptoms like pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in the affected area. Piriformis syndrome, or an inflammation of the piriformis muscle, can cause sciatica symptoms due to sciatic nerve impingement. Caliber Pain™ is your source for effective piriformis syndrome treatment in New York City.

The piriformis muscles are located on either side of the pelvis and assist the hip joint in rotation of the leg. These muscles are deep in the buttocks and are flat, residing next to or over the sciatic nerve. When the piriformis muscle or other muscles in the region become inflamed, they can cause compression of the sciatic nerve and sciatica symptoms. Spinal issues are more commonly the cause of sciatica, which results in many cases of piriformis syndrome being misdiagnosed.

Symptoms of Piriformis Syndrome

While piriformis syndrome can have similar symptoms as sciatica from spinal conditions, it is slightly different. Since the nerve compression occurs in the buttocks, the pain, tingling, numbness or weakness usually begins in the buttocks and may travel down the affected leg. Women may experience pain with sexual intercourse, and bowel movements may also cause pain for either gender. Piriformis syndrome can be caused by injury to the area, repetitive leg/hip movements or prolonged sitting, especially on hard surfaces.

Relieving inflammation in the piriformis or other soft tissues may help relieve symptoms. Steroid injections are one treatment option, but physical therapy and other options may be recommended. If you have symptoms of piriformis syndrome, visit our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™. We can diagnose and treat piriformis syndrome at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan. Contact our office today to schedule your evaluation.

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