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Treatment for Hip, Foot and Ankle Tendonitis

Tendons connect muscles to the bone and are located throughout the body. When a tendon is put under excessive stress from repeated use or an injury, it can cause inflammation or tendonitis. Hip, foot or ankle tendonitis can be painful and impact your mobility. Caliber Pain™ offers interventional medicine treatment for hip, foot and ankle tendonitis at our facility in Midtown Manhattan.

Hip Tendonitis

The major muscles of the legs and buttocks that support and move the hip are attached to the bones by tendons. When excessive or repeated stress is put on these muscles, it can pull and stretch the hip tendons, causing hip tendonitis. This condition is more common in athletes, like gymnasts, ballet dancers and football players, but it can occur in seniors or those with weakened muscles or tendons. The symptoms may begin slowly, with pain and tenderness in the groin or hip region.

Foot and Ankle Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon in the lower calf is one of the most common places to experience tendonitis. This powerful tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel. When it is overused, it can swell and become painful, restricting mobility. Tendons in the foot can also be susceptible to tendonitis, especially the extensor tendon on the top of the foot. When foot or ankle tendonitis occurs, there can be localized pain and swelling that can limit mobility.

Tendonitis in the hip, foot or ankle can be aggravating and painful. Our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ can create a treatment plan that can relieve the pain and quicken your recovery. We offer a same day diagnosis combined with interventional treatments, ensuring your pain is reduced and you begin healing from your tendon injury. Contact our team at our clinic in UES New York City to schedule your appointment if you need treatment for hip, foot or ankle tendonitis.

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