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Hand Tendonitis Treatment

The hand and wrist are common areas for tendonitis, or tendon inflammation. Tendons connect muscle to bone and are instrumental in the movement of the wrist, hand and fingers. When trauma or repeated movements in the arm, wrist and hand cause an injury to the tendons, they can swell or become inflamed. Hand or wrist tendonitis may be painful and restrict function. Caliber Pain™ offers interventional medicine options for hand tendonitis treatment at our clinic in UES Manhattan.

Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon that can be caused by an injury or overuse. Tenosynovitis is an inflammation of the tendon sheath. Both can occur in the hand and wrist, causing pain and limiting finger, hand or wrist mobility. Tendons run down the arm on both sides from the elbow to the wrist and fingers. These tendons impact the forward and backward movement of the wrist and finger function. There are also smaller tendons in the hand that are responsible for finger movement. When any of these tendons are irritated, tendonitis can occur.

Symptoms of Hand or Wrist Tendonitis

The elbow, wrist, hand and fingers are all interconnected by tendons, nerves and other tissues. Tendonitis can cause swelling that presses on nerves, causing pain or tingling. It can also restrict movement. Tendonitis in any of the tendons that impact the hand and wrist can result in several symptoms, including:

  • Dull pain or aching in the wrist, hand and fingers
  • Pain when flexing the wrist forward or backward
  • Weakness when gripping
  • Lack of finger dexterity (typing, pinching or device control)

At Caliber Pain™, we can offer effective hand tendonitis treatment to relieve inflammation and improve hand, wrist and finger function. We offer a same day diagnosis and interventional medicine treatment to offer quick relief and improve healing. Contact us if you are suffering from hand or wrist tendonitis at our clinic in New York City.

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