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About Caliber Pain™ – NYC’s Best Pain Management Doctors

Caliber Pain™’s expert medical staff is focused on getting you back to the things you love doing as soon as possible. Our goal is to quickly determine the treatment options that are right for you and your condition. We combine expert and experienced doctors with state-of-the-art equipment and treatment modalities to provide you with accurate and effective solutions. Our approach is conservative and minimally invasive, with a strong emphasis on results and meeting your long-term needs.

Whether you are an athlete, a busy mom, a construction worker or sit at a desk all day, pain that slows you down or prevents you from enjoying life’s pleasures is disheartening. At Caliber Pain™, we can help you restore a higher quality of life. It starts with a proper diagnosis, as knowing where your pain originates from makes treatment more effective and can help prevent it from happening again. Our treatment philosophy is to implement a non-invasive approach to pain as a first option. We work with you to pinpoint the source of your pain, diagnose and treat it effectively.

Innovative Pain Management Treatment

Caliber Pain™’s team of physicians and medical staff is focused on providing expedient excellent and compassionate care. Our facility in Midtown Manhattan offers concierge service as well as same-day diagnosis and interventional pain treatment. Our patients can receive same-day appointments and get the pain relief they need in order to enjoy their lives. Our facility offers advanced medical technology, specialized medical doctors and a hospital-grade environment and standards, for exceptional patient care. To learn more about our staff, facility, and treatments, visit the following pages:

The life of a busy, active New Yorker leaves little time to be slowed down by pain. At Caliber Pain™, you will be treated with expert, effective care. Contact us today for an appointment.

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Caliber Pain™ operating room.
Caliber Pain™ interior.
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Caliber Pain™ operating room.

Caliber Pain™

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