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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

The ankle, like the wrist, also has a tunnel to allow tendons and nerves to pass through the joint. The wrist has a carpal tunnel and the ankle has a tarsal tunnel, both providing a similar route for nerves and tendons. When the tarsal tunnel is confined or narrowed, it can put pressure on the posterior tibial nerve, causing pain and other symptoms associated with tarsal tunnel syndrome. Caliber Pain™ offers tarsal tunnel syndrome treatment to relieve foot discomfort at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

The tarsal tunnel is located on the inside of the ankle near the ankle bones. A tough ligament called the flexor retinaculum creates the outside of the tunnel and the ankle bones make the interior wall. Tendons, nerves, veins and arteries can pass safely through this tunnel when the ankle is healthy. This includes the posterior tibial nerve, a major nerve of the foot.

Causes and Symptoms of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Inflammation is the most common cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome, narrowing the tunnel and compressing the posterior tibial nerve. Inflammation can be caused by an injury to the ankle, systemic diseases that cause foot swelling, flat feet or other foot/ankle disorders. Other growths can also reduce the space inside the tarsal tunnel, including cysts, bone spurs, swollen tendons or varicose veins. When the tarsal tunnel is narrowed and the tibial nerve is compressed, symptoms include:

  • Tingling or shocking sensation on the inside of the foot
  • Shooting pain through the ankle or foot
  • Foot numbness

Relieving pressure on the posterior tibial nerve can relieve pain and other symptoms of tarsal tunnel syndrome. At Caliber Pain™, we offer interventional medicine treatments that can relieve inflammation and pain related to tarsal tunnel syndrome. Anti-inflammatory injections, physical therapy and other tarsal tunnel syndrome treatments are available at our clinic in UES New York City. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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