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Shoulder Sprain or Strain Treatment

Sport injuries, falls, overexertion and repetitive use are common causes of shoulder sprains and strains. The shoulder is comprised of many tendons, muscles and ligaments that can be stretched, torn or damaged, resulting in sprain or strain injuries. Caliber Pain™ is your source for interventional pain treatments for shoulder injuries in New York City. If you need shoulder sprain or strain treatment, we welcome you to visit our facility for pain relief.

Causes and Symptoms of Shoulder Sprains/Strains

Any activity that causes stretching of the ligaments, tendons or muscles in the shoulder can cause a strain, sprain or both. A shoulder sprain occurs when the ligaments are stretched or damaged. A shoulder strain occurs when the tendons or muscles in the rotator cuff or shoulder are injured. Both types of injuries can cause localized shoulder pain, inflammation and functional issues. Common causes include:

  • Falling on an overstretched hand or directly on the shoulder
  • Repetitive overhead arm motion (throwing, reaching and lifting)
  • Impact directly to the shoulder
  • Heavy lifting or exertion
  • Shoulder dislocation

Both shoulder strains and sprains can cause acute shoulder pain. Trauma, impact or overexertion can cause immediate pain, and repetitive use injuries can have pain that worsens over time. Weakness and limited function can occur. This may include difficulty raising or rotating the arm or other movements, depending on what ligaments, tendons, muscles or tissues are injured.

Getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step in determining the best shoulder sprain or strain treatment. Our physicians at Caliber Pain™ can perform careful diagnostics to identify the source of your shoulder pain and will create a comprehensive interventional treatment plan. Contact our medical clinic in Midtown Manhattan if you are suffering from a shoulder injury to schedule your evaluation for a strain, sprain or tear. We offer same day diagnosis and interventional treatment for pain relief.

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