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Kyphosis Treatment

Kyphosis is a curving of the spine, also referred to as roundback or hunchback. Unlike curvature of the spine that occurs due to spinal compression or fractures with aging or osteoporosis, kyphosis is most common in teenagers or young adults. At Caliber Pain™, we offer kyphosis treatment for those experiencing pain or other symptoms at our clinic in the Upper East Side, NYC.

What Is Kyphosis?

Patients with kyphosis have an excessive outward curve of the spine in the upper back, creating a hunched posture or roundback. Kyphosis can be caused by poor posture, genetics or abnormal vertebrae shapes. In many cases, kyphosis does not cause pain or dysfunction but can affect appearance. The types of kyphosis include:

  • Congenital. Patients with spine abnormalities at birth that cause the spine to develop with an outward curve may have congenital kyphosis. This is the most serious form of kyphosis and the most likely to require treatment or surgery.
  • Postural kyphosis. Slumping or poor posture can result in roundback, most common in female teens. Correcting postural kyphosis can be achieved by resuming good posture or straightening the spine.
  • Scheuermann’s kyphosis. More common in male teens, Scheuermann’s kyphosis occurs when vertebrae develop in a triangular versus rectangle shape, allowing the spine to curve outward.

Beyond the appearance of kyphosis, symptoms can include pain or stiffness in the spine and upper back. Some patients may experience numbness or tingling in the legs or have difficulty breathing. Conservative treatments can include injection therapy, physical therapy and corrective devices to relieve symptoms, correct or slow progression of spinal curvature.

If you or your teenager has kyphosis, or roundback, and needs treatment, contact our team at Caliber Pain™ to schedule an evaluation with one of our spine specialists. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to treatment with conservative and minimally-invasive options for relief at our facility in Midtown Manhattan.

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