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Treatment for Hip, Foot and Ankle Stress Fracture

The bones in the body are put under pressure and stress every day. When the bone is weakened or under excessive pressure, small stress fractures can occur within the bone. While some stress fractures can heal on their own, they can cause pain and limit function. A stress fracture in the hip, foot or ankle can cause mobility issues and may lead to more serious conditions if not treated. Caliber Pain™ offers interventional and regenerative medicine to provide treatment for hip, foot and ankle stress fractures at our clinic in NYC.

Foot and Ankle Stress Fractures

The small bones of the foot and ankle are under extreme stress when you walk or run. Repeated stress or pounding while walking or running can lead to damage to the bones of the foot or ankle. Foot and ankle stress fractures are common, especially among runners but can occur in anyone. Small fractures or bruising may occur in the bones, causing pain and swelling that is relieved when pressure is taken off the affected foot or ankle.

Hip Stress Fractures

Hip stress fractures are most commonly caused by running or impact sports that put repeated stress on the hip bones. Unlike a broken hip bone from an impact or a fall, hip stress fractures occur over time, usually to the femoral head, the “ball” of the ball-and-socket hip joint. Hip stress fractures cause pain in the groin area when walking or running, relieved by rest. Hip stress fractures can evolve into more serious hip joint disorders and should be treated by a medical professional.

In most cases, rest combined with interventional treatments to control pain and inflammation can help with recovery from hip, foot and ankle fractures. It is important to have the injury evaluated in case there is more serious damage to the bone or tissue. Caliber Pain™ offers treatment for hip, foot and ankle stress fractures to relieve the pain and improve healing. Contact us at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan if you suspect you have a stress fracture.

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