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Shin Splints Pain Treatment

Running, jumping and increasing the intensity of your cardio workout can result in painful shin splints. When the tibia, or shin bone, is exposed to excess stress, inflammation can occur that causes pain. If shin pain is impacting your comfort and mobility, come see our medical team at Caliber Pain™. We offer shin splints pain treatment at our advanced medical facility in UES New York City.

Cause and Symptoms of Shin Splints

Shin splints are an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tibia. Stress on the muscles, tendons and bone tissue from repeated intense exercise can cause pain on the inside of the shins. Most cases of shin splints are exercise-related. Runners, dancers or athletes whose shins endure pounding day after day or those increasing their cardiovascular workouts are prone to shin splints. Some of the other causes or risk factors include:

  • Sudden changes to exercise routine or physical activity
  • Running longer distances or uphill
  • Flat feet or poor, stiff arches
  • Running with inadequate foot support

Shin splints can cause inner shin pain both during workouts and recovery. The inside of the calf may be tender to the touch and experience sharp or dull pain.

Shin splints pain treatment should start with conservative options. Rest, ice, compression and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to reduce shin pain. However, if the pain does not lessen with conservative treatments, a medical examination should be performed. Shin fractures or tendonitis can have similar symptoms, as shin splints and may need different treatments than those suggested for shin splints.

If you have shin splints pain, our specialists at Caliber Pain™ can help. Our interventional pain specialists can offer a diagnosis and treatment the same day to give you relief. Contact the team at our medical clinic in Midtown Manhattan to schedule your visit for shin splints pain treatment.

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