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Caliber Pain™ – Multidisciplinary and Interventional Treatment Specialists

Effective pain management requires creating treatment plans that are customized to the patient and their unique health conditions and medical history. Not everyone responds the same way to treatments for chronic pain. Our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ understand that each of our patients may need a unique treatment plan, utilizing the most advanced therapies available. Caliber Pain™ is your multidisciplinary and interventional treatment specialist in New York City.

Combining interventional and regenerative medicine with conventional, proven treatments gives our patients the edge in overcoming pain conditions and injuries. Our specialists offer cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments for degenerative conditions, nerve disorders and injuries that can relieve pain and improve healing. We specialize in minimally-invasive treatments that minimize or replace the use of opioids for a safer, more effective approach to pain management.

Our Advanced Team of Pain Management Specialists

Caliber Pain™ is your source for multidisciplinary and interventional treatment specialists. Our medical facility offers many therapies and treatments that we perform on-site, utilizing advanced medical technology. We also have a network of medical specialists that we work with to offer a well-rounded treatment plan for our patients. Some of the specialists in our advanced medical team include:

Our patients at Caliber Pain™ receive personalized medical treatment plans to reduce pain, improve mobility and enhance their quality of life. We utilize specialists in a variety of fields to ensure our patients receive a comprehensive therapy plan that will promote healing and recovery.

If you are searching for advanced medical care for a chronic pain condition, sports injury or degenerative disorder, visit our interventional and regenerative medicine specialists at Caliber Pain™. Our network of pain management and rehabilitation specialists offer a multidisciplinary treatment program for improved results.

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Caliber Pain™

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