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Other Diagnostic Services

Caliber Pain™ utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to medical care for our patients. A significant component of the level of care we provide stems from our diagnostic services. Identifying the source of acute and chronic pain is the first step in determining the best interventional treatment plan for pain relief and improved function. We offer advanced diagnostic services as part of our commitment to the best level of patient medical care at our clinic in UES New York City.

Medical technology is a critical aspect of diagnostics. Utilizing digital x-rays, radiology and all types of medical imaging can help identify disease and injuries that cause pain or limit mobility. Imaging is also important for completing the necessary diagnostic testing, like discography or injection therapy. Our pain specialists have advanced diagnostic services on-site and through our medical network to ensure patients receive the highest quality of medical care.

Diagnostic Imaging and Testing Options

Many of the pain conditions we treat at Caliber Pain™ require multiple types of imaging and testing to obtain an accurate diagnosis. There are spine or joint conditions that have similar symptoms and require more in-depth testing and imaging to determine the exact cause of pain or other symptoms. Our specialists use a multidisciplinary approach both in the treatment and diagnosis of conditions. Some of the other diagnostic services we use at our clinic include:

Caliber Pain™ is your source for exceptional medical care and pain management treatments in New York City. We offer cutting-edge diagnostic services to identify the source of pain and mobility issues, as well as provide interventional and regenerative medicine treatments. Contact us to schedule a diagnostic evaluation at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan. We accept many forms of health insurance and welcome new patients at our clinic.

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