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Sacroiliac Joint Pain Treatment

The sacroiliac joints connect the sacrum to the pelvic bone and act as stabilizers and shock absorbers for the spine. When the sacroiliac (SI) joint is inflamed due to injury or disease, it can cause severe lower back, pelvic or groin pain. SI joint pain is often misdiagnosed as a lumbar spine condition. At Caliber Pain™, we can accurately diagnose SI joint dysfunction, and we offer effective sacroiliac joint pain treatment at our facility in UES, New York City.

What Causes SI Joint Pain/Dysfunction?

Stress on the SI joint is the most common cause of pain or dysfunction. Weight gain, pregnancy or childbirth can put extra stress or strain on ligaments and the SI joints. Injuries or falls can damage the joints. Diseases like osteoarthritis or sacroiliitis can be a source of pain or dysfunction.

Those with SI joint pain or dysfunction may notice discomfort when sitting or standing for long periods of time. The discomfort may be on one or both sides of the upper buttocks or lower back. In some cases, SI joint pain presents similar to sciatic nerve pain, with radiating pain into the legs.

SI Joint Pain Relief

Rest, physical therapy and heat/ice therapy are conservative treatments that may be recommended first for SI joint pain relief. If conservative treatments are ineffective, SI joint injections may be considered. SI joint injections deliver a corticosteroid and local anesthetic to the joint, guided by imaging. These injections can offer two benefits: diagnosis and pain relief. If the injection relieves the pain, it indicates the SI joint is the source of discomfort and can direct further treatments for SI joint dysfunction.

If you have lower back or pelvic pain that worsens with periods of sitting or standing, you may have SI joint pain or dysfunction. To determine the source of your pain and receive effective treatment, contact our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ today to schedule your appointment. We offer advanced pain management and sacroiliac joint pain treatment at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

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