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Rehabilitation Referrals

At Caliber Pain™, we offer many different services to our patients and also work with a variety of medical facilities and specialists. It is impossible for one facility to offer every medical service available, but we do embrace a multidisciplinary approach to treating our patients. When patients require a treatment or service we do not provide, we refer them to a medical professional or facility in our network. Our physicians are happy to offer rehabilitation referrals for patients at our medical clinic in New York City.

Medical care and health insurance can be complicated and cumbersome for patients. Our team at Caliber Pain™ understands the frustration that the medical care system can create for patients. Referrals for services are often required to ensure coverage under insurance or to even get an appointment with a specialist. As part of our multiple discipline approach to treatment, our doctors work with many specialists in New York City to ensure patients get the care they need, even if we cannot provide it directly.

Rehab Physician Referrals

If you need rehabilitation like physical therapy or occupational therapy as part of your treatment and recovery, our physicians can refer you to a specialist we trust. Your treatment plan may include treatments at our facility with follow-up care and recovery at other rehabilitation facilities. We work with the best medical professionals in the city, collaborating to ensure our shared patients receive the best medical care possible.

When you choose Caliber Pain™ for your pain management, sports injury treatment or regenerative medicine procedure, you can expect full-spectrum medical care with our multidisciplinary approach. We offer rehabilitation referrals and other specialty referrals to experienced medical professionals in our network. Our clinic also accepts referrals and new patients from other medical facilities. Contact Caliber Pain™ today to make your first appointment with one of our specialists.

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