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Physical Therapists

One of the key components for maintaining mobility when you have a pain condition is continuing to move and keep your strength. Those who avoid exercise due to pain can lose strength, flexibility and mobility. Physical therapy is a critical component for staying mobile and relieving pain. At Caliber Pain™ in Manhattan, we incorporate physical therapy with our treatment plans to help patients achieve better mobility and pain management skills.

The last thing someone in pain may want to do is exercise, but it is often vital to managing pain and recovery. Physical therapy uses exercise, manipulation, massage and other treatments to help with a wide variety of rehabilitation and mobility issues. For pain management, physical therapists can teach patients movements to improve strength and mobility, as well as techniques for relieving pain. When combined with other pain management treatments we offer at Caliber Pain™, physical therapy can be very beneficial in restoring your quality of life.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Physical therapy is used as part of rehabilitation and recovery for many injuries. Those recovering from a sports injury or orthopedic surgery may require physical therapy to retrain their muscles as they heal. Physical therapy can also offer recovery from pain conditions, restoring strength in joints, core muscles and limbs to improve balance and reduce stress on the body. Our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ work with physical therapists to ensure patients are achieving better mobility along with pain management therapies for complete rehabilitation and recovery.

Our multidisciplinary approach for pain management at Caliber Pain™ gives patients the best care for recovering from acute and chronic pain conditions. Physical therapy is one of the treatment modalities we may include in our treatment plans to ensure patients have the tools and techniques to improve mobility and reduce their pain. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment at Caliber Pain™.

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