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Ankle Instability Treatment

The ankle joint is comprised of three main bones and an assortment of ligaments, tendons and muscles. The entire weight of the body is balanced on these joints, and a wrong step can twist an ankle, causing a sprain or strain. Reoccurring ankle sprains or strains can damage the supporting tissues, resulting in ankle instability. If you have chronic problems with an ankle, you may need ankle instability treatment. Caliber Pain™ in New York City can diagnose and treat ankle disorders, including chronic instability.

What Causes Ankle Instability?

When ligaments are stretched or torn in an ankle sprain or tendons are damaged in an ankle strain, it can be difficult to allow these tissues to heal completely. Many people will rest, wrap and ice an ankle sprain or strain while it hurts, but they push to begin using it again as quickly as possible. Every time that tendons or ligaments are injured in the ankle, they may be weakened. Eventually, ankle instability can occur.

When the ankle is no longer stable, it is more likely it will twist or turn with routine use. Symptoms of ankle instability include:

  • Reoccurring pain and swelling in the ankle
  • Reoccurring turning or twisting of the ankle
  • Ankle feels unsteady
  • Consistent ankle tenderness

Healing and strengthening the damaged tendons or ligaments can help improve ankle stability and prevent further injuries. Caliber Pain™ offers ankle instability treatment using interventional and regenerative medicine options. Using an ankle brace and receiving physical therapy, can protect and strengthen the supporting tissues in the ankle. Corticosteroid injections may offer inflammation reduction for pain relief. In some cases, regenerative medicine can be useful to stimulate healing.

If you are experiencing symptoms of ankle instability and want to explore treatments to restore ankle function, contact us at Caliber Pain™ today. We offer advanced ankle stability treatment at our Midtown Manhattan clinic. Call today to schedule your evaluation.

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