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Hip Injection Specialist

Chronic joint pain can limit your mobility and impact your enjoyment of life. When you have a stiff, painful shoulder or an aching hip joint, it can be difficult to perform daily activities. At Caliber Pain™, we have a shoulder and hip injection specialist that can perform image-guided injections to treat the source of joint pain to give you relief.

The shoulder is a complex joint in design, which can be susceptible inflammation. Injured tendons in the rotator cuff, bone spurs, arthritis and other shoulder conditions can cause swelling and restricted movement. Our shoulder injection specialist can use steroids, PRP or other injectable treatments to help relieve inflammation or repair the joint. Using pinpoint accuracy in delivering medication to the source of pain or dysfunction, injection therapy can be effective in relieving many types of shoulder pain.

Joint Pain Relief

The hip and shoulder are common joints to experience pain. Our injection specialists have extensive experience in using interventional medicine to address the source of joint pain. At our advanced medical facility in Midtown Manhattan, we offer the following joint injections:

Our shoulder and hip injection specialist can perform most types of joint injection therapy in less than an hour at our clinic in New York City. Most patients can return to normal activities after their treatment. Our injection specialist will discuss post-treatment care.

Joint injection therapy can offer pain relief without invasive treatment. If you suffer from shoulder or hip joint pain, contact our team at Caliber Pain™ today to schedule your appointment for a consultation with one of our pain specialists to learn more about our injection therapy and other treatment options. We offer advanced options in interventional and regenerative medicine, with an experienced hip and shoulder injection specialist as part of our medical team.

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