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Knee Genicular Nerve Block

Nerve block injections can be helpful in relieving pain and diagnosing the source of pain. A knee genicular nerve block injection is used to interrupt pain signals from the knee joint, offering diagnostic and therapeutic benefits. Caliber Pain™ offers knee genicular nerve blocks as one of the interventional treatment modalities at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

A knee genicular nerve block injection contains a local anesthetic that can numb the genicular nerve. This includes at least three branches of the genicular nerves that send pain signals from both sides of the top of the knee and from the bottom. When the genicular nerve branches are numbed or blocked, it can interrupt pain signals sent from the knee due to inflammation or other issues.

Benefits of a Knee Genicular Nerve Block Injection

A knee genicular nerve block is different than a steroid knee joint injection. Corticosteroid injections are placed inside the knee joint. Knee genicular nerve block injections are delivered to the nerve branches outside of the knee. The benefits of a knee nerve block include:

  • Identifying source of knee pain
  • Temporary pain relief
  • Precursor treatment for radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for longer pain relief

Knee genicular nerve block injections can be performed on an outpatient basis. We utilize image guided injections to ensure precision placement of the anesthetic to impact the targeted nerves. If a nerve block is effective for relieving nerve pain, RFA treatment may be an option for long-term relief.

At Caliber Pain™, we offer advanced options for pain diagnosis and management, including nerve blocks, RFA and other interventional medicine options. If you have knee pain from osteoarthritis or other issues, come visit us for diagnosis and treatment. We offer knee genicular nerve block injections and other treatment modalities at our medical facility in UES New York City.

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