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Chronic Tension Headache Treatment

The majority of adults experience occasional tension-type headaches that can last anywhere from less than an hour to several days. Tension headaches can be episodic (occasional) or chronic (more than 15 days per month for several months). Determining the cause of chronic tension headaches and performing interventional medicine can give patients relief. At Caliber Pain™, we offer headache treatment at our facility in Midtown Manhattan, including tension headaches.

Chronic tension headaches are often caused by a physical condition that may be made worse by emotional or mental stress. For example, tight muscles in the neck, shoulder or jaw can cause a tension headache. Emotional stress can result in tighter muscles, clenching the jaw and other factors that contribute to the condition. Muscles, tendons and ligaments in the neck and head region can become inflamed, putting pressure on cranial nerves. Finding the source of tension headache pain can help determine the right treatment for relief.

Symptoms of Chronic Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are not the same as migraines. The pain is different, as migraines tend to be sharp or throbbing pain and can be impacted by light sensitivity. The symptoms of tension headaches include:

  • Dull, aching head pain
  • Pain is felt in a band, not stabbing
  • Often affects both sides of the head
  • Chronic tension headaches occur 15+ times per month for at least 60-90 days

Chronic tension headaches can be secondary headaches, meaning they are a symptom of another condition. TMJ, cervical spine disorders, muscle spasms and nerve disorders all can result in chronic headaches. Our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ perform extensive diagnostic testing to determine if underlying conditions are resulting in chronic tension headaches. Treatment plans can include a wide variety of therapies. Treatment depends on the source or cause of tension headaches, including trigger point injections, acupuncture, relaxation techniques and other interventional treatments.

If you suffer from chronic tension headaches, it can diminish your quality of life. For advanced chronic tension headaches treatment and diagnosis, contact our team at Caliber Pain™ today. Our state-of-the-art medical facility in NYC offers advanced treatments and relief for chronic tension headaches.

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