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Runner with knee injury.

ACL and PCL Tear Treatment

Knee ligaments keep the joint in place, stabilizing the shin and thigh bone at the knee. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) are the main ligaments in the knee, providing stability to the joint. When either of these ligaments are stretched or torn, it can result in knee pain and limited joint mobility. Caliber Pain™ offers ACL and PCL tear treatments at our medical facility in UES New York City.

The ACL protects the knee joint from shifting forward during movement, while the PCL supports the knee joint in the back. When the knee is strained or there is an impact, these ligaments can be stretched beyond normal limits, resulting in tears. The ACL is most commonly torn during athletic movements. A quick change in direction while running can cause excess stress on the ligament. PCL tears are not as common as ACL injuries, usually occurring when the knee is pushed backward while in a bent position. Impact to a bent knee in an auto accident or during sports can cause a PCL tear.

Recovering from an ACL or PCL Tear

Both ACL and PCL tears will cause pain and swelling in the knee. A professional exam can diagnose an ACL or PCL tear, and an MRI may be required to confirm the ligament was damaged. Conservative treatments are recommended for mild to moderate knee ligament tears or sprains. Rest, ice, NSAIDs, splints and physical therapy can be effective for recovery from many cruciate ligament tears. Our interventional pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ may also recommend corticosteroid injections or regenerative medicine treatments to reduce inflammation and speed up healing during ACL and PCL tear treatment. Severe ACL and PCL tears may require surgery if conservative treatments are ineffective.

If you sustained a knee sprain or ligament injury, come see our pain and joint experts at Caliber Pain™. We offer advanced ACL and PCL tear treatment at our cutting-edge medical facility in Midtown Manhattan. Contact our team to schedule your appointment. We offer a same day diagnosis and interventional medicine treatment for knee pain.

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