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Treatment for Elbow Sprain and Strain

The elbows are vital for proper arm function, especially lifting items or swinging the forearm. When excessive stress is put on this joint, the muscles can be strained or ligaments can be sprained, causing intense pain and limiting function. Caliber Pain™ offers non-invasive treatment for elbow sprains and strains at our clinic in New York City to give our patients elbow pain relief.

Both elbow sprains and strains cause elbow pain and may restrict arm use. Repeated use from playing sports or lifting can cause inflammation in the elbow joints, weakening the tendons, muscles and ligaments. When one of these joint-supporting tissues stretches or tears, it can cause pain and restrict joint movement. An elbow strain occurs when the muscles or tendons involved in bending and straightening the elbow are torn or damaged. An elbow sprain is when the ligaments are damaged. Both can occur at the same time or individually. Tennis and golfer’s elbow are examples of strains that affect this area.

Relieving Elbow Injury Pain

When you have an elbow sprain, strain or both, you will likely be experiencing pain when performing certain arm, wrist and hand movements. The elbow may be tender and swollen. The exact symptoms depend on what ligaments, tendons or muscles are damaged. Symptoms can begin slowly with repeated use injuries or suddenly with an impact or injury from trauma.

To relieve elbow pain caused by a sprain or strain, rest is usually recommended to allow the tendon, muscle or ligament to heal. A brace or support device may be used to help limit stress on the elbow joint. For severe elbow sprains or strains, anti-inflammatory injections may be used to help relieve pain and improve healing. Physical therapy may be part of the treatment plan to strengthen the elbow function to prevent further injury.

If you experience elbow pain from repeated use or an injury, come see our medical team at Caliber Pain™. We offer effective treatment for elbow sprain and strain at our clinic in Manhattan.

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