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Treatments for Hip, Foot and Ankle Pain

The hip and foot anchor the top and bottom of your legs and are vital for keeping you balanced and mobile. When it hurts to stand or walk due to hip, ankle or foot problems, your life is restricted. Disorders in the hip, ankle, and foot not only limit mobility, but they can also cause intense pain. The causes can range from joint damage to bone fractures to strains or sprains. Whether you suffered an injury or are plagued with a degenerative disease, there are options to relieve pain and improve your mobility.

Our specialists at Caliber Pain™ use a multidisciplinary approach, employing interventional and regenerative medicine to treat hip, foot and ankle disorders as well as other conditions. You can expect to receive a personalized treatment plan to accelerate your recovery and get you back to enjoying your life again. If you want advanced treatments for hip, foot and ankle pain, come see us at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan. We offer same day diagnosis and interventional treatment to give you immediate pain relief. Our priority is to provide you with safe, effective, reliable opioid-free therapies.

Conditions Treated at our Clinic

If foot, ankle or hip pain are limiting your ability to function and impacting your quality of life, come see us at Caliber Pain™. We have treated over 30,000 conditions at our clinic, including many treatments for hip, foot and ankle pain. Some of the conditions we treat include:

Get back on your feet again with treatment for foot, ankle and hip pain at our clinic in UES New York City. Caliber Pain™ accepts many forms of health insurance. Contact our office today to schedule your evaluation for hip, foot or ankle pain relief.

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