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Medical Necessity Justification

The cost of medical procedures can be an obstacle for many patients. If a procedure is considered elective, cosmetic or “experimental,” it may not be covered under many health insurance plans. The term “medical necessity” is legal jargon that may be found in many health insurance policies. If a procedure can be proven to be a medical necessity, it may be covered under the insurance policy. Our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ work with patients in New York City who need medical necessity justification evidence to have a medical procedure covered by their health insurance.

Proving medical necessity for a procedure that is usually considered elective or cosmetic can be difficult. Insurance companies are known for fighting to pay out as little as possible on their policies. It is important to have medical professionals provide the needed test results, medical history and other evidence to persuade the insurance company that a medical necessity justification is warranted.

Recommendation for Pain Relief Procedures

Our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ want to help patients receive the treatments they need to relieve their chronic pain. We embrace a multidisciplinary approach to pain relief. If it is not a treatment we provide, we are happy to refer our patients to another qualified medical professional. This philosophy includes providing recommendations for treatments that may not normally be covered under typical medical insurance policies. We can provide medical necessity justification for the following procedures:

When you choose Caliber Pain™ for chronic pain relief, you can expect personalized treatment plans that are focused on long-term pain relief. As one of our many services, we provide medical necessity justification when appropriate for our patients with pain conditions. If you want to learn more or need to schedule an appointment, contact our clinic in Midtown Manhattan today.

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