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Wrist and Hand Pain Treatment

Injury and overuse can cause wrist and hand pain, often due to a soft tissue sprain or strain. There are dozens of muscles, ligaments and tendons in the hand and wrist that can be damaged, resulting in pain and limited function. At Caliber Pain™, we diagnose sprains and strains, as well as offer effective wrist and hand pain treatment. If you have a hand or wrist injury that is causing you pain, contact us at our pain clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

Wrist and Hand Sprains or Strains

Overuse, repeated use or trauma can cause damage to the soft tissues in the hand or wrist. A wrist or hand sprain involves tearing or stretching the ligaments that connect bones together within the joints. Hand or wrist strains occur when the tendon or muscles are torn or damaged. Both sprains and strains will cause similar inflammation and pain in the hand or wrist and require similar treatment to heal.

One of the most common ways to sprain or strain tendons, muscles or ligaments in the hand or wrist is from a fall. Catching yourself with your hand can put excessive force on the soft tissues, extending them past their normal range. Repetitive motions or overuse can also cause damage, such as typing, certain hand sports and gripping activities.

Wrist and hand pain treatment depends on the type and extent of the injury. It is vital to have hand or wrist pain diagnosed. There are dozens of small bones in the hand and wrist that can be fractured, as well as soft tissue tears or damage. Our team at Caliber Pain™ can perform a thorough diagnosis to determine the cause of hand or wrist pain. We offer wrist and hand strain or sprain treatment, using interventional therapies to relieve pain and accelerate healing.

If you have wrist or hand pain, come visit us at Caliber Pain™ for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. We have a cutting-edge medical facility in New York City that offers advanced interventional and regenerative medicine treatments for acute and chronic pain conditions.

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