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NYC Knee Injection Specialist

Knee pain and mobility issues are one of the most common joint complaints. The knee is prone to wear and tear from normal activities and is very susceptible to osteoarthritis and inflammation. One of the best non-invasive treatment modalities for knee joint issues is injection therapy. If you are looking in NYC for a knee injection specialist, come see our interventional medical team at Caliber Pain™.

Worn cartilage, damaged ligaments, swollen bursa and other injuries to the knee joint can cause inflammation and pain. Athletes, seniors and everyone in between can experience knee joint pain or mobility issues from injuries or disease. Since the knee is a weight-bearing joint, inflammation and pain can greatly restrict mobility and interrupt your daily routine. Interventional therapies, like injection treatments, can deliver medication or regenerative medicine directly to the specific area of the knee to offer pain relief and improve function.

Types of Knee Injections

There are many different types of issues that can impact the knee joint. Swollen bursa, pinched nerves, inflammation or damaged soft tissue can cause pain and limit joint function. After getting a diagnosis, if injection therapy is recommended for treatment, our knee injection specialist can perform an ultrasound or image-guided injection treatment directly to the precise area of the knee. We offer the following knee injection treatments at our clinic in Manhattan:

Precise injections with interventional or regenerative medicine can offer relief for many types of knee conditions. If you suffer from knee pain and want to explore the non-invasive treatment options available, contact our team at Caliber Pain™. We have a knee injection specialist on staff that can perform injection therapy at our clinic on the Upper East Side of NYC.

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