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Trochanteric Bursitis Treatment

Most major joints have bursae that help provide cushioning and protection for the soft tissues and bone during movement. On the outside of the hip joint, a bursa covers the bony point of the greater trochanter, providing a cushion for tendons and other tissues. Trochanteric bursitis occurs when this exposed hip bursa becomes inflamed. Caliber Pain™ offers trochanteric bursitis treatment at our state-of-the-art medical facility in Midtown Manhattan.

Causes and Symptoms of Trochanteric Bursitis

Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that protect soft tissue like tendons from friction and damage from bone. The bursa on the outside of the hip cushions the soft tissue when the hip joint is in motion or is impacted. Injury or repeated irritation to the exterior hip bursa can lead to bursitis. This can include falling or landing on the hip or bumping the hip. Overuse from running, climbing or standing can cause hip bursitis. Hip joint conditions can also irritate the bursa, including arthritis, gout, bone spurs or implant surgery.

Trochanteric bursitis is a common cause of hip pain. The hip may be sore or tender on the outside of the hip or in the buttock region. Lying on your side or pressing on the hip can be painful. You may also experience hip pain when climbing stairs or standing up from a low seated position.

Conservative treatment is usually the best option for bursitis. Rest, heat/cold applications and use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may relieve mild to moderate trochanteric bursitis. For more severe cases, Caliber Pain™ may recommend interventional trochanteric bursitis treatment, including corticosteroid injections and physical therapy.

If you have hip pain stemming from your outer hip, you may be experiencing trochanteric bursitis. For diagnosis and treatment, contact Caliber Pain™ for an appointment. We offer advanced treatments for hip pain at our clinic in New York City.

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