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Neurology Specialists

Neurology is a key component of many types of pain disorders. The pain signals that are sent to the brain through the nervous system are how you perceive pain. Some types of chronic pain disorders involve nerve damage or neurological problems. At Caliber Pain™ in NYC, we embrace utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating all types of pain conditions. We include neurology specialists in our network of medical experts to help patients receive a comprehensive treatment plan for their pain disorder.

Neuropathic Pain Disorders

Pain disorders can be caused by neurological issues or be controlled with neurology expertise. A neuropathic pain disorder may occur due to damage or dysfunction in the central or peripheral nervous system. Neurology specialists have an in-depth understanding of how the nervous system can impact chronic pain. They can provide effective testing to determine the nerves that are causing chronic pain and offer treatment options for relieving neuropathic pain disorders.

At Caliber Pain™, we rely on specialists from multiple medical disciplines to ensure our patients receive an accurate diagnosis and the most advanced treatment options. When nerve damage or a nervous system disorder may be associated with chronic pain, the neurologists in our network work with our interventional pain physicians to determine the most effective treatment plan for our patient.

While all chronic pain involves the nervous system, not all patients need to see a neurology specialist. Our interventional pain specialists can determine when it is appropriate to involve the expertise of a neurology specialist in treating a chronic pain disorder. Our network of specialists work together to create the best therapy solution for each patient, which may include diagnostic testing and treatments from one of our neurology specialists.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, you can trust our team at Caliber Pain™ to find the right treatment option to give you relief. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment. We utilize multidisciplinary specialists through our medical facility in Midtown Manhattan, including neurology specialists for neuropathic pain.

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