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Knee Bursa Injection

Bursae are gel-filled sacs that provide a cushion between bone and soft tissue, common in the major joints and other mobile areas of the body. Bursitis is when a bursa is swollen or inflamed due to irritation from pressure or injury. Knee bursitis can involve one of four bursae located near the knee joint. Caliber Pain™ offers a knee bursa injection that can relieve bursitis pain and improve knee mobility, available at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

Knee bursa injections are used to reduce inflammation in and around a swollen bursa. The most common bursae in the knee that become irritated or inflamed are those above and below the kneecap. A knee bursa injection includes a local anesthetic or numbing agent, as well as a steroid for relieving inflammation. Both are injected at the same time, offering immediate and lasting pain relief from knee bursitis or inflammation.

Knee Bursitis Injections – What to Expect

Knee bursa injections are performed at our state-of-the-art medical facility. Our injections are image guided, using either fluoroscopy, x-ray guidance or ultrasound imagery. The anesthetic in the injection will provide immediate pain relief in the knee area. This medication will wear off in a few hours, and some pain may return. The steroid component of the knee bursa injection offers anti-inflammatory properties that can offer several months of pain relief. These effects may take 3-4 days for pain relief.

If you suffer from knee pain or mobility issues from bursitis or irritated bursae, a knee bursa injection may offer relief. The procedure is completed on an outpatient basis, and treatment usually takes less than an hour. Caliber Pain™ offers knee bursa injections and other interventional or regenerative medicine treatments for knee pain. Contact our clinic in UES New York City to schedule an evaluation for your knee pain.

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