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Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection

The section of vertebrae in your neck is called the cervical spine. One of the leading causes of neck pain is the deterioration of the discs between each vertebra. They can wear down with age and become painful. One of the most effective forms of treatment for chronic neck pain is a cervical epidural steroid, a pain management injection available at Caliber Pain™ in New York City.

The epidural space is a fat-filled ‘sleeve’ that surrounds the spinal sac and provides cushioning for the nerves and spinal cord. Soft discs between the vertebrae cushion and support them. If a disc tears or herniates, irritating fluids may leak out and cause inflammation of the nerve roots and pain. Bone spurs stemming from arthritis can also press against nerve roots and cause inflammation and pain.

Neck Pain Diagnosis and Treatment

A cervical epidural injection can be diagnostic and therapeutic. During this procedure, an anesthetic and a steroid are injected into the epidural space to reduce inflammation.

By placing numbing medicine at the source of neck pain, we can gauge the amount of immediate pain relief you experience. If the pain goes away completely or to a great degree, we can confirm the correct vertebrae or spinal disc and that it is not the symptom of other conditions. Along with the numbing medication, the cervical epidural steroid injection may reduce inflammation and provide long term pain relief.

Injections such as corticosteroids, hyaluronic acid, platelet-rich plasma or stem cells are options for pain relief and healing damaged soft tissues. Our doctor will thoroughly discuss the benefits of each modality. Some treatment protocols may incorporate regenerative medicine options once the pain and inflammation are well controlled.

Steroids have a very potent anti-inflammatory action that can decrease neck pain. Steroids do not change the underlying condition. They can break the cycle of pain and inflammation, which allows the body to heal. This is a secondary benefit that outlasts the effects of the steroid itself.

The benefit can vary by individual. For some, the relief lasts several months or longer. If the treatment works for you, you can have periodic injections to stay pain-free. You may also want to consider a regenerative option, such as stem cells from bone marrow or adipose tissue or PRP (platelet-rich plasma) for their longer-term healing properties.

If you suffer from neck pain or radiating pain from the cervical spine, a cervical epidural steroid injection may be recommended for diagnosis and treatment. Caliber Pain™ offers steroid injections at our facility in NYC. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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