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Sports Medicine Specialists

Sports injuries require specific treatments to address pain and quicken recovery time for athletes. Whether you are a weekend warrior who suffers a knee sprain training for the marathon or a professional athlete recovering from a rotator cuff tear, Caliber Pain™ can help you recover from your injury. We have sports medicine specialists that utilize interventional and regenerative medicine treatments for all types of sports injuries at our facility in New York City.

Sports medicine is unique. It is geared toward individuals who are in good health and physical condition that need medical care to address injuries or improve their performance. Both amateur and professional athletes want to have options to manage pain while stimulating healing and quickening recovery after a sports injury. Our sports medicine specialists at Caliber Pain™ offer advanced options for treating sports injuries to help athletes at all levels recover faster to get back to performing at their best.

Interventional and Regenerative Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine specialists at Caliber Pain™ utilize advanced diagnostic and treatment options at our facility in Midtown Manhattan. We incorporate interventional and regenerative sports medicine treatments that can work synergistically to accelerate recovery from sports injuries. Athletes can benefit from our multidisciplinary approach to injury treatment, offering interventional pain treatments for improved performance and regenerative treatments for quicker healing. We offer cutting-edge treatments, like stem cell or PRP injections, for all levels of athletes at our state-of-the-art medical clinic.

Whether you play in a softball league or are training to enter the professional arena, you can rely on our sports medicine specialists at Caliber Pain™. We offer the most advanced interventional and regenerative medicine options for sports injury treatment at our clinic in Upper East Side NYC. Contact us if you need treatment for a sprain, strain, joint pain or other sports injury.

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