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Radiology and Medical Imaging

Interventional and regenerative medicine relies on an accurate diagnosis and precise injections or treatments to achieve the best results. In fact, almost all areas of medicine are reliant on superior imaging for diagnosis and treatment. At Caliber Pain™, we have radiology and medical imaging specialists that are an integral part of our diagnosis and treatment plans for pain management and injury recovery. We utilize the most advanced imaging options at our state-of-the-art facility in Midtown Manhattan.

Accurate Diagnosis with Imaging

Many pain conditions can mimic each other, making them difficult to diagnose. Lower back pain is a common symptom that can be caused by a multitude of spine, musculoskeletal and nerve conditions. Getting an accurate diagnosis is critical to begin the right treatment to relieve pain and improve mobility. Our physicians rely on radiology specialists to provide high-resolution medical imaging to determine the source of pain in our patients.

Precision Treatment and Injections

Not only does medical imaging help identify the source of pain, but it is critical for many of our treatment modalities. Interventional medicine includes a wide variety of injection and targeted therapies that must be precise. Our radiology specialists utilize cutting-edge imaging technology for fluoroscopy and ultrasound-guided injections and treatments to targeted areas in joints, the spine and within soft tissues. Stem cell, steroid and anesthetic injections, as well as radiofrequency ablation and other techniques, all require precise imaging to ensure the targeted area receives the treatment needed for pain relief or healing.

Effective pain management requires a combination of medical specialties to achieve the best results. Caliber Pain™ incorporates multiple medical disciplines, including radiology and medical imaging, into our treatment approach. If you want the most advanced options in pain management, contact our pain specialists at Caliber Pain™ in UES New York City. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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