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Rotator Cuff Injuries Treatment

The shoulder joint includes the humerus head, clavicle and scapula bones that are held in place by tendons, ligaments, muscles and the shoulder capsule. There are four muscles and related tendons that create the rotator cuff, responsible for connecting the humerus to the shoulder blade and allowing certain movements. When any of the tendons of the rotator cuff are torn or injured, it can cause arm and shoulder pain and dysfunction. Caliber Pain™ offers rotator cuff injuries treatment at our clinic in NYC.

Causes of Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator cuff injuries usually occur due to either trauma, overexertion or degenerative factors. Falling on an outstretched arm can cause a partial or complete tear of one of the rotator cuff tendons. Repeated or overuse can cause injuries to the tendons, resulting in tears or inflammation. Degenerative weakening of the tendons can make rotator cuff injuries or tears more likely, whether it is from trauma or repetitive use.

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injuries

The rotator cuff is essentially used for lifting and rotating the arm. When rotator cuff injuries occur, the shoulder can become sore and tender, and a loss of function is to be expected. Symptoms of a rotator cuff tear or injury may include:

  • Weakness when lifting or rotating the arm
  • Pain in shoulder when sleeping on the affected side
  • Popping or crackling sound or sensation in shoulder during certain movements
  • Pain in shoulder when lifting or rotating your arm

Rotator cuff injuries can often be repaired without surgery. Our interventional pain specialists offer treatment plans to manage pain and stimulate the healing of tendons to recover from rotator cuff injuries. Corticosteroid injections, physical therapy and regenerative medicine are some of the treatment modalities that may be recommended for recovery for those suffering from a rotator cuff problem.

If you have shoulder pain or weakness, come see us at Caliber Pain™. We can diagnose and offer interventional treatment the same day for rotator cuff injuries at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

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