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New York Pain Management Specialists

Chronic and severe conditions that are painful can derail your life. Caliber Pain™ is here to get your life back on track with our multidisciplinary approach to pain management. Our medical team includes board-certified physicians, highly experienced and compassionate medical staff and support from the subspecialty of pain psychology. We provide evidence-based interventional and regenerative treatments. We help patients regain function and control of their pain for a wide variety of musculoskeletal disorders.

Injury, illness, disease, and genetics can all play a part in pain and functional disorders. A correct diagnosis and determination of the source of pain or dysfunction are key components to prescribing the best treatment plan. Our pain specialists utilize the latest diagnostic technology and techniques to uncover the source of pain disorders. While long-term pain management and recovery is the goal, we also understand the need for immediate relief. Our medical team strives to offer same-day diagnosis and interventional treatment for pain relief at our state-of-the-art facility in New York City.

About Interventional Treatment

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Why Choose Caliber Pain

Interventional Care

  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Focused on your needs and goals
  • Non-surgical, evidence based modalities

Safety First

  • Opiate free pain management
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • AAAHC accreditation

Accepting Plans

  • Most PPO insurance plans
  • Travel and international insurance
  • Self-pay basis

Easy Scheduling

  • Same day appointments
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Timely evaluation and treatment
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Caliber Pain™ offers advanced options in interventional treatment for pain and functional disorders at our medical facility in Midtown Manhattan.

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A Multidisciplinary Approach to Ensure the Right Treatment for You!

Every patient is unique and responds to treatments differently. Our specialists at Caliber Pain™ use a multidisciplinary approach to devise a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient. We base the treatment plan on your specific disorder, symptoms, medical history and lifestyle. Our facility offers interventional treatment modalities that are minimally or non-invasive therapies, to manage pain and improve mobility. This includes regenerative medicine, injection therapy, spinal cord stimulation and many other cutting-edge treatments for pain relief.

Caliber Pain™ offers a revolutionary treatment experience for pain management. Our Article 28 medical facility is among the top-rated ambulatory hospitals in NYC with AAAHC accreditation. Patients can utilize our concierge service and receive a same-day diagnosis and interventional treatments. If you or a family member is struggling with a painful or functional disorder or injury, we invite you to visit our Midtown Manhattan facility for immediate, innovative, effective treatment.

Where We Treat

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