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Medical imaging is a vital component for both the diagnosis and treatment of complex health conditions. At Caliber Pain™, we embrace a multidisciplinary approach to diagnostics, pain management and injury treatment at our advanced medical clinic in Midtown Manhattan. One of the many medical technology options we utilize is our on-site fluoroscopy services for both diagnosis and treatment.

What Is Fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy uses x-ray technology to create a moving picture or video of internal structures. While digital x-rays provide a stationary picture of the targeted area, fluoroscopy images show motion in a video format of the internal biological systems. Our specialists at Caliber Pain™ use fluoroscopy for a variety of diagnostic and treatment purposes.

Fluoroscopy can show the dense structures in the body, including bones and solid organs. For better views of some tissues, there are fluoroscopy images for internal organs using a contrasting agent. Fluoroscopy can also allow the visibility of medical instruments inside the body. This is especially beneficial during medical procedures, due to the video aspect.

Treatments Using Fluoroscopy

At Caliber Pain™, we offer fluoroscopy on-site at our state-of-the-art medical facility in NYC. Fluoroscopy can be used for diagnostics, but it is instrumental in performing some of our interventional and regenerative medicine treatments. Joint steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation, spinal injections, PRP therapy, stem cell injections and many other treatments may require image guidance. Fluoroscopy is used in conjunction with many of our cutting-edge treatments to ensure precision placement of interventional or regenerative medications.

Medical imaging is a vital component of diagnosis and treatment in interventional and regenerative medicine. Caliber Pain™ offers advanced medical technology and techniques, including on-site fluoroscopy, at our clinic in UES New York City. Contact our team to schedule an appointment for pain management or injury rehabilitation. We welcome new patients and accept many types of health care insurance.

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