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Cervical Facet Syndrome Treatment

The cervical facet joints are the spinal joints in the neck that allow the neck to bend and turn. Like all joints in the body, cervical facet joints are prone to deterioration and degenerative disease. Cervical facet pain, or syndrome, is caused by degeneration of the neck spinal joints. Our pain and spine specialists at Caliber Pain™ offer a diagnosis and cervical facet syndrome treatment at our facility in New York City.

With cervical facet syndrome, the cartilage inside the facet joints in the neck begins to break down. With less protection between the vertebrae and the facet joint, friction can cause inflammation and irritate the nerve endings. The neck can experience a dull pain and radiating pain into the back of the head, shoulders and arms. The symptoms can be similar to other types of cervical spine conditions, which is why an accurate diagnosis is important for effective treatment.

Relief from Neck Spinal Joint Pain

When there is evidence of cartilage damage or inflammation in the cervical facet joints, our specialists may recommend interventional treatments for both pain relief and advanced diagnosis. Facet joint injections can be used to both reduce pain and inflammation and determine the source of pain. Corticosteroid facet joint injections may be used to reduce inflammation in the joint. Injections can also indicate if facet joint syndrome is causing neck pain. Once the neck pain is controlled and cervical facet syndrome is diagnosed, our pain doctors may recommend other types of cervical facet syndrome treatment, such as regenerative medicine options for long-term relief.

Cervical facet syndrome is not reversible, but there are conservative and interventional treatments that can slow down deterioration and control pain. If you are suffering from neck pain that may be caused by cervical facet syndrome, schedule an evaluation at Caliber Pain™ in Midtown Manhattan. We offer advanced cervical facet syndrome treatment to reduce neck pain and improve mobility.

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