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Why Choose Caliber Pain™?

Caliber Pain™ is New York City’s leading pain management practice. We specialize in customized solutions for musculoskeletal pain and mobility issues. Our board-certified doctors employ a multidisciplinary approach combined with the latest non-surgical, evidence-based interventional procedures in our New York City facility. Treatment protocols are supported by the subspecialty of our pain psychologist.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest treatment modalities and technology. We have access to private facilities where your diagnostic appointments can be booked without delay. We are experts in the assessment and treatment of severe and chronic pain. Relieving pain and getting you back to the activities you love is our mission and our passion.

We focus on your needs and goals, from restoring simple mobility issues to relief of chronic and complex pain conditions. Our physicians work closely with patients, from the initial diagnosis to mapping out an effective treatment program. We invite you to discover the advantages and services that set us apart from the rest.

Interventional Treatment

Your treatment protocol may include interventional modalities. Interventional pain management is a medical subspecialty that treats pain with minimally invasive procedures, such as joint injections, nerve blocks, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve stimulation and nerve ablation. We also offer regenerative options like injections of autologous stem cells that are harvested from bone or adipose tissue and PRP derived from your own blood.

Our Cutting-Edge Medical Facilities

Caliber Pain™ Group performs procedures at Midtown Surgery Center in New York City. Midtown Surgery Center is an Article 28 (hospital standards), AAAHC accredited, CMS regulated, multi-specialty facility. It is conveniently located a few blocks from the United Nations. The AAAHC accreditation process measures facilities against nationally recognized standards of care. Accreditation is awarded to facilities that have demonstrated the strongest commitment to patient safety. Midtown Surgery Center meets all federal, state and local laws and the highest standards of the accrediting agencies.

Opiate-Free Modalities

Caliber Pain™’s initial approach is always to provide safe, effective and reliable opiate-free pain management. Caliber Pain™ physicians employ state-of-the-art modalities and techniques that specifically target the cause of your pain, and heal it, rather than mask the symptoms. We help patients find effective pain relief, improved mobility and quality of life through our multidisciplinary treatment protocols.

Multidisciplinary Team Approach

A correct diagnosis is the foundation for your treatment protocol. CT and MRI imaging have become so technologically advanced that target areas can be digitally reconstructed, and 
function-simulated in real-time. With these advanced diagnostic modalities, Caliber Pain™ Doctors can accurately identify the problem and formulate an effective treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will be formulated on the basis of information from your referring provider, the radiologist’s assessment of your scans, and the informed input of our pain management doctor and anesthesiologist.

Whether your goal is a pain-free session at the gym, a high-level clash on the tennis court, or playing with your child, we will work closely with you. We will employ a multidisciplinary approach that alleviates the cause and symptoms of your pain, and meets your goals.

Efficiency and Service

Same-day diagnosis and interventional procedures are virtually unheard of, yet, they are a foundational component of our mission and our commitment to care at Caliber Pain™. We want to begin treating and providing pain relief the same day you visit our facility.


Caliber Pain™ has provided over 30,000 acute and chronic pain management procedures at our Midtown Manhattan location. You are in good hands with our experienced pain specialists.

There are many reasons to choose Caliber Pain™. Contact us today if you are suffering from mobility or pain conditions that are impacting your life. One visit is all you need to experience the difference in our approach to patient-centric care.

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Caliber Pain™ operating room.
Caliber Pain™ interior.
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Caliber Pain™ operating room.

Caliber Pain™

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