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Orthopedic Surgery

At Caliber Pain™, we offer minimally-invasive, interventional pain treatments for chronic pain, sports injuries and other pain conditions. While we strive to find non-invasive options for treatment, some injuries and spine conditions may require surgery. Our multidisciplinary approach to pain management includes orthopedic surgery specialists in our network of treatment providers for patients. It is one more way we work to offer complete pain management treatment plans for patients at our clinic in New York City.

Advancements in interventional and regenerative medicine offer alternatives to surgery for many patients with chronic pain. However, there are circumstances when orthopedic surgery is the best solution for treatment. It may be necessary if there is a severe injury or conservative treatments are no longer effective. Our pain specialists work with top orthopedic surgeons in NYC that can offer patients advanced surgical procedures to address spine disorders, musculoskeletal injuries and joint dysfunction that are not responding to interventional treatments alone.

Collaborative Orthopedic Treatment

Our physicians at Caliber Pain™ work with patients and network orthopedic specialists to determine the best treatment plan for pain relief and improved mobility. When surgery is the right treatment, we can determine if there are regenerative or interventional medicine options that can maximize the benefits of orthopedic surgery. Stem cell or PRP injections may be recommended to stimulate faster healing in combination with surgery. By working in collaboration with top orthopedic surgery specialists, we can create dynamic treatment plans for our patients for quicker recovery and improved pain relief.

Caliber Pain™ offers a specialized approach to managing pain and overcoming injuries and degenerative conditions. We utilize our network of medical specialists and on-site pain physicians to create advanced treatment plans for patients for effective pain management. Contact our clinic in Midtown Manhattan for a consultation to discuss your pain treatment options.

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