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Ketamine infusion treatments have been shown to reduce symptoms in chronic pain patients. However, there are other benefits that you should consider. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or mood swings related to your primary condition, relief is within your grasp.

Living conditions such as Fibromyalgia and regional pain can cause secondary health concerns. However, you can potentially alleviate debilitating symptoms with ketamine infusion therapy. It is thought that this treatment works by blocking certain neural receptors. This can positively impact many of the brain’s natural functions.


Depression can stem from chronic pain conditions. Losing your mobility, career implications, relationship problems, and inability to pursue physical activities are just some of the issues that can lead to low moods.

At Caliber Pain, we offer ketamine infusion therapy to relieve pain symptoms. For many patients, the treatment also improves emotional stability. However, if you are suffering from feelings of depression combined with chronic pain, we recommend consulting with one of our specialists.


Intrusive thoughts often cause anxiety. For example, those suffering from chronic pain may feel like a burden or feel they are judged based on the physical signs of disability. You can address these issues by pursuing mental health therapies.

Ketamine infusions may also benefit by blocking the signals that bring anxiety. Addressing multiple symptoms with one treatment is cost-effective and creates a faster pathway to overall wellness.

Opioid Tolerance

Chronic pain patients often rely on medications to achieve relief from symptoms. Unfortunately, you will quickly become tolerant of these drugs. This results in increased doses to maintain tolerance or constantly switching medications to find relief.

Opioids also have side effects and can become addictive with frequent use. If you are trying to reduce or eliminate reliance on medications, ketamine infusion therapy can ease withdrawal symptoms. At Caliber Pain, we can discuss your specific needs and health goals in a relaxed and informal setting. In addition, our treatment plans offer effective relief from chronic pain conditions.

To learn more about the benefits of ketamine infusion therapy, reach out to Caliber Pain today. We are committed to finding custom solutions for every patient.

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