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Pain is a very personal experience. It is therefore important not to let other people dictate how chronic pain affects your everyday life. It is easy to look from the outside and not see debilitation, which can often lead to well-meaning but unhelpful advice.

In the medical world, pain scales are used to help patients self-report pain levels. These scales may vary depending on the medical issues a patient is facing. The idea is that you describe pain relative to familiar words, images or a numeric value.

Well-Meaning Advice on Pain Management

You have probably already experienced advice from friends and family about how to manage your pain. Common suggestions are going for walks, taking up exercise, meditation or joining a yoga class. These activities can help some patients, but there is more to pain management as a comprehensive approach.

Every chronic pain patient faces different challenges. Generic advice is basically a “shot in the dark” approach. If you are lucky, a suggestion will work for you; however, the probability is low. Chronic pain is typically complicated and requires a nuanced approach to treatment and rehabilitation.

Chronic Pain Consultation

An effective treatment plan for chronic pain relies on input and information from several sources. Your medical records, lifestyle, work responsibilities and details relating to any recent injuries play a role in your path to recovery. You may also need to engage with a team of specialists from different medical fields depending on the cause of your pain.

At Caliber Pain, we provide robust treatment options for patients with chronic health conditions. If you are tired of friends and family discounting the challenges that you face with pain and discomfort, turn to the experienced professionals at our New York offices. Call today to discuss your needs or book an appointment.

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