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If you are a woman with large breasts and struggle with neck, shoulder or back pain, reduction surgery is an option. Unfortunately, this procedure is largely considered elective in nature, which means insurance companies will likely refuse to cover treatment.

Paying out-of-pocket for breast reduction surgery is not viable for many women, leaving them to suffer from chronic back pain. At Caliber Pain, we feel that this policy is unfair to patients who have genuine health problems related to breast size and body shape. These issues are very real and do justify effective treatment through reduction.

Justifiable Breast Reduction

The good news is that your health insurance provider may cover breast reduction surgery when there is a medical justification. A pain management specialist can help you support your coverage claim with a large amount of medical evidence.

We know how and why the size and shape of breasts puts strain on the spine. Many of our patients suffer from degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis, which can be directly linked to breast proportion. Not all women with large breasts will go on to experience chronic pain. However, there is a correlation that points to most sufferers having a smaller frame.

Medical justification plays a role in how all health insurance claims are decided. A breast reduction is technically a plastic surgery procedure, but the reason for choosing the surgery is important. A woman who is suffering from chronic back pain is not concerned about aesthetics. Treatment is strictly related to finding relief from debilitating medical conditions.

To learn more about medical necessity justification, call Caliber Pain in New York today. We can provide the evidence you need to get a breast reduction covered under insurance. Our pain management team specializes in offering effective treatment backed up by extensive medical evidence.

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